SEO Pros on Keyword Research: Ahmad Mohee

In the first episode of “SEO Pros on Keyword Research,” we talked to Ahmad Mohee, a Digital Marketing Strategist from Al Buhayrah, Egypt. 

Ahmad works as a digital marketing manager. He designs and executes digital marketing strategies and plans for businesses and individuals, so SEO planning and audit are essential to my work.

In this interview, Ahmad shed light on how he approaches keyword research, tools, and technicalities of his process. Also, he came up with a pretty straightforward opinion about some of the myths around the industry of keyword research. 

How Do You Justify Keyword Difficulty Scores(from Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.)?

Based on my experience, the keyword difficulty score doesn’t have to be a solid number. I look at the traffic and competition rates measured by Google keyword planner; the keywords with the highest traffic and competition rates are typically the highest in difficulty. However, if you add other dimensions to your formula, like the relevancy to the business and keyword intent, then you can better choose your keywords.

3 Tools That Are Your Go-to When It Comes to Keyword Research?

Google Keyword Planner, Google Search, and AlsoAsked.

Do You Find Search Volume Forecasting The Actual Traffic Potential of A KW?

Not necessarily! Normally, your content can generate even more traffic from keyword variations than from the main keyword itself if written professionally enough.

Your Two Cents On Zero Search Volume Keywords

Some zero-search volume keywords can perform very well and achieve higher conversion rates if user intent and business relevance are high!

What Factors Determine RPM/EPMV of A Niche?

  • Product Price(for commercial intent keywords)

Piece of Advice for Someone Just Getting Into Keyword Research as a Profession

Explore as many Keyword research tools as possible, and eventually come up with your formula for keyword selection.

Like his thoughts and insights? Get In Touch with Ahmad Mohee. 

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