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Blog Content Roadmap for Product-led SEO

For SaaS and Startups,

A Blog Is More Powerful Than You Think

Your prospects need to know you exist. Especially those who’re going through the problem that your product solves. 

And that what blog marketing does. 

But blog marketing for SaaS can be really tricky. 

Sometimes, it can kick off a big fat sales curve for you. And sometimes, just some unqualified traffic. 

Hence, you need a robust product-led blog content plan that boosts SEO traffic, captures leads and offloads your paid marketing endeavour. 

And that’s where we come in.

Before You Scroll, Read

Our 2-Cents On Blog Marketing​

In blog marketing for SaaS, we try to get two things right- 

  • Right user persona
  • And their pain points

Because your prospects aren’t searching the name of your software, they’re searching their problems. Problems that your software solves. And we want your site to top the search results whenever they do. 

Blog contents that are written on such topics are termed as ‘Bottom of The Funnel(BoFu)’ contents.

Once we cover it all, we try to expand both your target audience and the content touch points as well. And they’re called ‘Middle of The Funnel(MoFu)’ and ‘Top of The Funnel(ToFu)’ contents. 

For example- 

ClickUp in a project management tool that primarily targets Project Managers. 

They’re hitting right into the pain points of their prospects with BoFu/MoFu contents like- 

  • Top 13 Notion Alternatives 2023 (Free & Paid)
  • Top 15 HR Software for Human Resources Teams
  • 10 Best Project Management Tools in 2023

Also, they’re spreading wider audience with somewhat mild product awareness with ToFu contents like-

  • What is a Project Milestone? 5 Project Milestones Examples & Tips
  • 7 Free OKR Templates: Objectives and Key Results in Excel
  • Goals vs. Objectives: What They Are & How to Use Them

Basically, they’ve written blogs on every touchpoints that their short and broad potential customers are asking about. And this ended up constructing a solid lead funnel for them.

So, How Do We Do It?

Step 1

We Understand You, Your Niche & Competitions

We will keep coming back for chat/meetings to pick up your brain about your product offerings, vision, customer pain points, buying journeys and business goals. 

Based on the meeting  minutes, our R&D team will find 

  • Direct/indirect competitors
  • Their blog marketing reports
  • SEO performances 
  • Keyword research scopes and set metrics of blog-based marketing.

Step 2

We Teardown Your Competitors In-and-out

This is the part we enjoy doing the most.

Based on what our R&D team hands over, our SEO team torches each of your competitor’s blogs. It includes types of contents, number of blogs, funnel design(ToFu, MoFu, BoFu), rank and traffic outcome, etc.

Next, we conduct a week-long independent topic(keyword) research that can gear up your sales funnel. We specifically look for content gaps that your competitors didn’t cover yet.

Finally, we put everything together into a topical cluster, and hand over the KW and competition data to the team of content strategists.

Step 3

We Put Together a Topical Blog Content Calender

Now the content strategists take over for the last step.

On top of the skeletons of topical maps, content strategists creates content titles, required wordcount, set internal-linking instructions, set funnels against each of the contents, and finally spread it across 12 months of publishing calender.

You get a ready to hand-over content plan to your team, which will result into organic flow of traffic, leads and customers.

Step 4

We Do A Handover Call

And the end, we put together everything in a deliverable format, and ask you to come join in a call with us. 

In our call, we let you pickup our brain regarding everything we did for your project. 

Plus, we give you action-items to setup the lead magnets, content funnels, and anything else to maximize your blog marketing endeavour. 

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No, conversions can’t happen with just one type of contents. But it can definitely pave your way in towards organic sales funnel. 

In other words, blog contents will will create a name for your business, earn visibility, subscribers, and probably demo-bookings/free trial to some extent. And if your funnel is built right, you can outreach these warm audience to up your sales and conversions.

A team of our in-house talents will be working to lay off your blog content roadmap. 

The team contains  Account Manager(who’ll be your touchpoint), Researchers, SEO Specialist, and Content Strategist. And throughout the project, our Chief Executive Office Saleh Ahmed will be overseeing the process.

Usually, we charge $1,500-3,000 for putting together a blog marketing roadmap.

But, it quite depends on the stage of growth your product is in, scope of the niche/industry in SEO, and man-hours required to understand and penetrate your niche. 

Well, we look at blog marketing in a unique and revenue-driven way, which is pretty much unique. 

But if you already have something that could save us working hours, we definitely will incorporate it and the price would reflect this contribution as well.

Next step is to engage your content team into creating the blogposts checking every boxes we provide. 

We will provide topic clusters, on-page instructions, product placement guide, and a publishing calendar that they can stick to. 

Other than that, if you have your own content SOP, we can add to that as well. The goal is to make our deliverables ready-to-implement for you.

Once we’re done, we’ll be in a hand-over zoom call to explain how you should implement our plan for your SaaS blog. We also advice on setting up the writing team, publishing frequency, lead magnet placement, etc in our handover call. 

Well, it’s okay for us if you’re already publishing blogposts. From our overall findings, we’ll just put your existing posts into our topical map, and mark them done. The overall mesh of content remains the same. 

We are a content-lead SEO agency and yes, we have a solution that helps clients with hiring niche expert writers as well. 

Visit to learn more about this solution. 

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