Old Content Audit & Update Plan

for Content Websites

What Happens When You Don’t

update content for 12 months or longer

  • They get outranked by new competitors, leading to a slow death in SERP
  • Your content becomes less accurate and backdated, A. K. A. less helpful
  • The overall freshness score decreases resulting in a site-wide bad impression to Google and the users.

Now, the question is, is- do you update every single content out there? Isn’t it too expensive?

We say No! Update only those which are proven to fetch traffic once in the past, and are capable of doing it again! 

And that’s where this audit and update plan comes in.

What We Do In This Audit & Update Plan?

We go deep into your website and GSC data and blend it with hours of manual research, and analysis to find out- 

  1. Which content used to get good traffic but now falling off. 
  2. Why are the contents not performing as before? 
  3. What changes do you need to make in those contents to restore the performance?

Along with dozens of coffee cups and broken pencils, it takes three steps for us to complete this audit.

Have A Look At-

Our 3-step Workflow

To Prepare The Audit and Update Report for Your Niche Site.

Here's our process Explained in 50 Seconds-

Step 1: We select the timeline of comparison

As we conduct a comparative analysis, we need two referral timeframes to compare.

Usually, it’s one of these two-

  • Before and after a drop in traffic of the overall website(google update)
  • A custom timeline in case your site didn’t receive any algorithmic drop in traffic.

Step 2: We Collect The Data and Observations

We extract the following data- 

  • GSC Page-by-page Impressions, Clicks & CTR
  • GSC search queries, positions, and clicks
  • Ahrefs change of keyword positions

And put them in order that identifies which content have lost most of the traffic, and which keyword ranking drops are responsible for it. 

We pinpoint the measures of exact change of traffic, keyword rank, impression, and CTR.

Step 3: We Prepare An Update Plan for Each Affected Content

For each of the contents from step 2, we dive deep into the SERP, and competitors(that have outranked the content), and find out the missing sub-topics, unique values, content lengths, supporting contents, FAQs, and on-page actions. 

Our angle of research involves the following factors- 

  • Factual accuracy
  • Topical coverage
  • Search analysis and keyword optimization
  • Links and Anchor Text
  • E.E.A.T. Factors

Based on that, you receive an update instructions for each of these contents that you can directly hand over to your writers/editors.



For sites with 100-300 or less contents
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For sites with 300-500 contents


For sites with 500-1000 contents

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Sites that have faced a significant drop in organic traffic, and Sites with 1 year+ old content in it.

Yes, in fact, this is one of the most frequent use cases of our service.

Well, we’ve been helping with contents of niche sites for 6+ years now. So we can sense from experience and assessment what others might be clueless about.

For small websites, it’s 14 working days. For websites with 500+ contents, it might be up to 30 working days. 

No, this service includes preparing the update instructions only. We can discuss implementing those later on if you need it as a separate service.

Yes, we’ve been testing our audit and update methodology for about an year in our own websites before making the service public. 

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