Intern (Content)


Content Creation

Writing research oriented, SEO friendly and authentic contents on certain topics.

QC & proofreading

Revising and proofreading the contents upon the instructions from the manager.

Basic Industry Know-hows

Developing knowledge about the industry of Content Based Digital Asset creation while working on the contents.

80 Hours/Month

Minimum Work hours in a hybrid model (Remote + In house)

BDT 8000/Month

Based on work hours and work quality


Get certified by Rank Wizards on Content Creation

Job Responsibility

Training Period (1 Month)

  • To go through our content development training program (offline). 
  • To understand editorial policies and QC standards. 
  • To learn team architecture and work culture. 
  • To participate in the evaluation task by the end of the training.

First Half of the Program (6 Weeks): Content Only

  • To adopt the processes of crafting SEO-friendly, in-depth web content.
  • To learn and execute up-to-date On-page SEO factors i.e. internal/external linking, feature snippet optimization, etc.
  • To add graphical values(Infographics, Segment/Feature Images) to complement contents.
  • To be original and depend less on resources while writing.
  • To meet the deadlines of the assigned tasks throughout the tenure.
  • To act as per the QC corrections within the shortest span of time.
  • To participate in the promotional activities of the organization from time to time.
  • To attend the in house compliance sessions twice in a week for part timers and 5 days a week for full-timers.

Second Half of the Program (6 Weeks): Content + Other Responsibilities (Depending on Performance)

  • To work simultaneously with the other departments of Rank Wizards i.e. Research and Development, Human Resource, Strategic Planning, etc.
  • To grasp an overall idea of all the departments and eventually become the jack of all trades.
  • To develop the hard skills in a way that keeps reducing overall execution time.
  • To develop necessary soft skills with time.
  • To attend the in house compliance sessions twice in a week for part timers and 5 days a week for full-timers.
  • To develop a thorough knowledge regarding the industry of Niche Publication and Digital Assets.

Benefits and COnditions

The remuneration in this position has multiple levels. 

In the training period the trainee will get BDT 5,000 upon completion of given goals. 

From the second month (first half of the program), the intern will be reimbursed at BDT 8000 for 80 effective hours rate. Where we’ll provide 4 hours for crafting 1000 words. 

With better performance the remuneration per hour will increase. And if the performance reaches a certain threshold, the intern will be offered to join the main team or an 1-month extended internship.

Through this internship, the intern will get hands-on training on how to create contents that can bring in organic traffic through SEO. 

Not to mention, upon completing the 3 month long internship, the person will get a certificate of internship completion. Simply put, this is kind of like getting certified by Rank Wizards on his/her content creation skills. 

However, this comes with a condition. The intern will not receive any certification until the internship period is over.


  • Fluency in English, written and oral.
  • Decent researching ability.
  • Problem-solving mindset.
  • Critical thinking ability.
  • Be certain about the job and its nature and mold yourself accordingly before the internship comes to an end.
  • Regardless of age and designation, be humble and friendly to the team
  • Extra: Kind, fun, curious, a strong sense of responsibility, and a good sense of humor.

How to APply?

Just visit this link below and fill-up the form to apply for this internship program. As simple as that!


No. If you have the skills and if you can produce 15000 words/month, then we don’t have a problem with your education level.

Yes. You have to be minimum 18 years old to apply for any job here. We don’t support child labor. 

You can always leave a text in our social media page. Or you can call the number directly at the top of the page. Or you can whatsapp us at the same number. 

Apart from the travel and food allowances, we don’t provide any other allowances.

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