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Building content websites has its pros and cons. We’ve built and helped build over 150+ of them and learned the BEST route to success. 

DFY vs Building On Your Own

Why Build Your Niche Site Out from Us?

You can always build up the site yourself with probably less cost than us.

So why care building it out from Us?

The answer is- 

we mastered in building out the best ‘Spearhead’ of a niche blog over the course of 6 years and 300+ client projects. 

And you can be the next to join the club.

The 'SEED' Is Important!!

First Impression matters. In niche sites, even more!

We can tell when we see a good niche, even without publishing articles on it. 

To us, a great niche reflects-

6+ Years Of Lessons

We’ve been building and helping build niche sites since 2016 and  done every mistakes a niche marketer could.

In our DFY niche website building service, we won’t let you suffer from- 

we love them

what our clients have to say

So, How Do We Build DFY Niche Sites?

Step 1

Finding The Best Niche For You

We present you a pre-made list of high-potential list as per keyword scope, monetisation potential and seasonality. If you have one chosen upfront, we can discuss that as well.

Here's 13 Things That Defines A 7-figure Niche

Step 2

Lowest-hanging Keyword Research

Our keyword team dives deep into the niche and picks up a set of keywords. Each eligible keyword has to have at least 6+ slots on SERP where your site can rank without heavy links.

Myth-busting Low Competitive Keywords for Niche Sites

Step 3

Content Structuring

Our content team starts search analysis and prepares the structures of the contents. We make sure the structures caters to the audience while answer's google's queries all the way.

How to Yield 5x Organic Traffic With 360 Content Structures

Step 4

Writing The Contents

Our in-house writers take over and starts adding flesh to the content structures. They put their best effort to avoid rewriting and stay original while catering to the search queries throughout articles.

How We Write Articles The Google-way

Step 5


The editors and come into the podium and prunes off the clutters from the contents. They place products, checks on-page SEO factors and readability, and passes to the publisher.

Our Editorial Policy Breakdown: qC1, QC2 & QC3

Step 6

Publishing and Tech

Laslty, our WordPress team publishes the contents, submit them for indexing using indexing api. Also, the same team takes care of the web vitals, linking errors, and other troubleshooting.

21 Mistakes to Avoid While Publishing Contents







You Might Ask-

How Fast is Our TAT(turn Around Time)?

Our company works on a monthly workplan. We mean, any orders that take place within a month, gets into production by the beginning of next month. 

That said, here’s our approximate TAT for DFY Niche Site Building Service-  

  • Spark: 15-20 working days.
  • Campfire: 20-30 working days.
  • Volcano: 30-45 working days.

Our 100% Refund Policy

We’re confident about our process of building niche websites. Nonetheless, if you don’t see a decent climb once the sandbox period is over, we’d love to provide you a refund(up to 100%).  

Learn more about our refund policy below.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

The way SEO works, it’s not technically possible for us to guarantee any rankings, traffic or revenue. But we do check every boxes to keep your site on the safe side.

We can provide the hosting for free of cost, but the domain has to be bought by you.

We have an in-house poll of writers with niche-specific expertise. Once they finish writing, our editors fine-tune the contents and passes to the publishers.

As we all know, it’s not wise to lean on review articles anymore. Therefore, we try to maintain a 20:80 ratio of review:informative articles. 

We recommend monetising via display ads(AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, etc). However, we place affiliate products throughout all articles to keep the door open for affiliate monetisations(amazon, Clickbank, etc).

We only select keywords that have 5-8 easy-to-outrank slots on SERP. And we’ve got dozens of websites to talk on behalf of our keyword assessment process. 

Unfortunately, we don’t work on such niches. Example- gambling, adult niches, dating, etc.

We provide after-sale support for 2-12(depending on the package) months after delivery. And we do have a handshake deal with our clients to access our support anytime they feel like, no questions asked. 

Yes. On demand, we can keep feeding to your website at whatever scale you prefer. The pricing would be according to our standard content and keyword research pricing.

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