Hire A Fractional Head of Organic Content

Content marketing could always be better with a professional’s perspective. Let us take a look at what you’re doing, and find you those quick wins that you’re probably missing out

Why Do You Need A Fractional Head of Organic Content?

Here are four reasons why you need a third eye perspective(with proven experience) on top of your current content operations-

Content Marketing Professional at A Fraction of Cost

You get 7+ years of content marketing expertise at disposal, for your own organic revamp

3-5 Meetings/Week

We do sessions on demand, summing up to an average of 10-12 hours/week. 

These sessions will be held between us and different parts of your content team, based on what’s on priority.

Competitive Intels & Search Demand

We show you how to identify your competitors best content strategies, and help you to make it better than then. 

Same is done on understanding what your prospects are looking for at ToFu, MoFu and BoFu tier of buying intents.

Streamlining Your Content Operation

Overall, you’ll see a more lean, streamlined and result-focused content team with all the enablement regarding research, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

CMO to Writer- We Work with Everyone

From the person who’s planning the contents out to the one who’s SEO-ing it, we consult with everyone to streamline your content ops.

Our goal is not to impose some forced changes. Instead, we find you a way of doing content works better.

Correcting Trajectory of Content Marketing

Sometimes, content team get either too focused on writing feature release notes that cater only for the current users, or writing SEO content on highly competitive content.

Based on our signature content strategy moves, we make essential corrections to your process and make your team implement it 100%

Competitive Intels + Demand Analysis 

We show your team how to find the winning content moves of your direct/indirect competitors, and make sense out of these data.

Later on, we also show them how to find the user pain points and search behaviours across all three layers of funnel(ToFu-MoFu-BoFu).

Finally, we show them how to combine these two data points into actionable steps.

We Be Your Fractional Head of Organic Content

In this involvement, we consider ourself as a fractional head of organic contents, who’s there to oversee the content ROI, production streamlineing, competitive advantages, and overall sales boost via SEO. 

“Rank Wizards LLC is one of the unsung professionals of the content marketing world. The content planning and keyword research service here is better than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with and their sites all have one thing in common, success.”

Colby Wren

Head of Demand Generation, Ambient AI (YC W17)

“The content strategy we got at place from Rank Wizards, has turned SEO into our single biggest user acquisition channel. We’re seeing signups everyday, every hour from these contents. Now we’ve hired them for another SaaS product of ours.”

Arifur Rahman Naim

Co-founder and CEO, Crowdfundly and Joules Labs

Brands We’ve Grown

From startup to enterprise SaaS, we’ve worked with SaaS brands all over the world, across both B2B and B2C niches

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