lamia nowshin: Team Spotlight

"il faut tenter de vivre"

my story

Having no experience in a professional setting before, I doubted myself a lot for the position of an editorial project manager at first. Since the interview session, every workday is a learning opportunity for me.

I am an Economics graduate. Initially, I started content writing as a side hustle, and over time it has grown on me. And this very side hustle has brought me to a full-time job. 

Aside from being a full-time manager, I am a movie connoisseur.

I am a prompt learner. 

I am a koala who likes to sleep 24/7

I like to do things on impulse; I enjoy living in the moment.

One day I want to stand on top of the cliffs of Moher-that’s my ultimate goal in life!

I am very very punctual and have never missed a deadline till this day ;p

I love my friends…. Coffee is my love; chocolate is my life and Ice cream keeps me going.

I love music from any genre – from Kpop to Rabindra sangeet to metal!

I cry a lot as self-care-it’s a healthy outlet for relieving my stress. Try it sometimes!




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