SEO Pros On Keyword Research: Rafi Chowdhury

In the second episode of “SEO Pros on Keyword Research,” we talked to Rafi Chowdhury. Rafi is a Recruiting Specialist from Memphis, Tennessee. He is in charge of recruiting Marketing professionals at Google.

He uses SEO to optimize the job posts so more candidates are able to find Google’s job posts over our competitors.

Also, He is an internationally recognized personal branding and internet marketing expert.

After failing with his first three tech startups, Rafi finally struck gold with a site in the personal branding space in 2013. He created to teach the lessons he learned along the way.

In this interview, Rafi sheds light on how he approaches keyword research, tools, and technicalities of his process. Also, he came up with a pretty straightforward opinion about some of the myths around the industry of keyword research. 

How Do You Justify Keyword Difficulty Scores(from Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc)?

Generally speaking, I think using multiple keyword research softwares and coming up with a list of keywords that they all suggest is probably the best approach. 

3 Tools That Are Your Go-to When It Comes to Keyword Research?

SEM Rush, Google Keyword Planner, BuzzSumo

Do You Find Search Volume Forecasting The Actual Traffic Potential of A KW?

Sometimes. So many other factors play a role such as your snippet, title of your post, CTR, etc. But generally speaking, there is some directional accuracy in the correlation between KW volume and actual traffic to that page (assuming it ranks page 1 of Google). 

Your Two Cents On Zero Search Volume Keywords

Generally no need to create content around those keywords. Usually a waste of time unless you are able to hype up the keyword yourself or via other top influencers. For example, branded keywords. 

What Factors Determine RPM/EPMV of A Niche?

  • Keyword CPC
  • Seasonal Search Trend
  • Search Volume of Keywords

Piece of Advice for Someone Just Getting Into Keyword Research as a Profession

Have several softwares at hand and look at the keywords they all recommend and go for those. 

Like his thoughts and insights? Get In Touch with Rafi here.

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