Build A Writer Team of 1st Hand Niche Expertise

In house or marketplace writers are wearing your brand off? Get true subject matter experts write for your brand.

Hiring writers is easy, hiring good writers is hard, and hiring niche experts is the hardest

Hence, we do all the legworks, and you just be pride of the GREAT contents popping out of your brand


We launch a job post on your website, and spread it out to targetted SME writers through our email marketing engine. 

Screening & Training

From the interested candidates, we take them through some screening questions and a paid trial tasks. Typically 10-20% hit the right experience-cost bar.

Content Ops Roll-in

If you have a content calendar in place, we start delegating them to the selected candidates, and ensure on-time delivery and quality check-ins.

Editing & SEO

We then brush up the contents for On-page SEO, internal linking, graphical enhancements, CTA placements, etc. And finally, we send it to you for publishing.

What Do We Mean By SME Writers?

  • They are working professionals of your industry.
  • Might be from any part of the world, but with a decent command over English
  • Have a knack of writing what they know on LinkedIn or Medium
  • Highly interested to contribute to your brand as a guest author

Writer vs SME Writer

If your contents are meant for SEO, then you should listen to google when they say it- 

“Quality content often demonstrates the creator’s first-hand experience with the subject matter.”

In other words, if you care about your brand’s SEO, you better not trade commercial writers with a professional working in your industry(not as a writer). 

Quality vs Quantity

1 solid blogpost written by an SME writer could outsmart 10 crappy, mediocre blogposts written by generic writers or even worse- AI writers.

Of course, the first kind will be somewhat costlier than the second one. But you know the thing between quality and quantity, don’t you?

We Do Everything, On Your Behalf

In this service, we act as a managerial extension of your brand, not as an agency with a house full of generic writers. 

We’ll create the job post, spread it to the right SMEs, screen them, train them to write SEO-friendly contents, and hook them up in a regular content production process. 

It’s your team we’re building, and will hand it over to you when you’re ready to manage the SME writers in-house. 

“Rank Wizards LLC is one of the unsung professionals of the content marketing world. The content planning and keyword research service here is better than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with and their sites all have one thing in common, success.”

Colby Wren

Head of Demand Generation, Ambient AI (YC W17)

“The content strategy we got at place from Rank Wizards, has turned SEO into our single biggest user acquisition channel. We’re seeing signups everyday, every hour from these contents. Now we’ve hired them for another SaaS product of ours.”

Arifur Rahman Naim

Co-founder and CEO, Crowdfundly and Joules Labs

Brands We’ve Grown

From startup to enterprise SaaS, we’ve worked with SaaS brands all over the world, across both B2B and B2C niches

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