anika samreen: Team Spotlight

*Inserts some serious quotes about working hard*

my story

If you combine GenZ spirits, positivity, procrastination, caffeine addiction, and a little bit of sunshine, you’ll pretty much get an idea of who I am. A girl who always believed that there is some good left in the world. A big shoutout to the people who believed in me and my dreams. My brain hardly stops buzzing with the many goals I aspire to achieve one day (I blame the caffeine).

And one of the goals was to contribute my writing skills in any way possible. That was when Rank Wizards happened in my life. And with that, my journey began with the amazing crew. I must admit, my writing game has taken a serious turn (bless my team).

Apart from writing, I have a knack for calligraphy, crafting, and (surprising to many) sports. Before my classes and work started, you wouldn’t see me spending a single day without my paints and journal. Photography was also one of my very few passions. But as time went by so did my efforts to continue doing what I loved.

But life hasn’t always been bitter. I was lucky to have the right people around me to support my dreams and ambitions. Which is why I’m on the right track and looking forward to all that life has to offer in the future.

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