farhan rahman: Team Spotlight

"I’m someone who loves to improve and grow in every aspect of life."

my story

“Fighting Fire With Fire” – this has been my way since I basically discovered life. Well, who am I kidding? Nobody actually “discovers” life. But, the main goal is to pretend that I’m discovering and winning in life. 

Now, let’s cut all the serious talks for a moment. If you ever see me in person, you’ll prolly assume I don’t know what the word “serious” means. This is mainly because of my jolly personality but let’s catch up on that story another day. 

Apart from having a jolly personality, I spend most of my time working and learning new things. Well, they say there’s always room for improvement. And, I might’ve taken that saying a bit too seriously in my life. Hence, I’m stuck at work for almost 5-6hours every day. Thus, you can call me a workaholic as well. 

In the end, I have a single goal only. And that is to get better with every day. This never-ending drive is what keeps me awake every night fighting for what’s right. 

Hopefully, I’ll discover all the mysteries life has to offer for me. Till then, let’s catch up so that I can unveil some mysteries as well. Good to talk to ya!


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