golam sadman: Team Spotlight

"Your friendly neighborhood marketer who's looking for ways to give back to this world."

my story

Life isn’t like a chocolate box. You can’t expect to get ‘at least chocolates’ in every step of your life. Sometimes, you get lemons and stones too.

And every incident of my life led me to here- On a journey towards becoming a T-shaped marketer.

So, if you’ve got something to share, then I’ll become your student in no time.

Apart from all the serious talks, I’m really into movies and coffee. And as a part-time hobby, I love to solve problems.

If someday we cross paths together, then you’ll see me in deep thinks. And this is where my personal philosophy comes in.

You see I believe that human life finds its meaning, the moment it gives back something to this world. What does that mean? Well, it’s basically something that humanity will be benefitted from.

So, what do we have till now? A journey of a T-shaped marketer, problem solver, someone who wants to give something back to humanity.

And all of these together have influenced me in helping startups reach their dreams. Thank you for investing so much time in me. Let me know how I can help you. Talk to you soon!


1. Global Champion of “Handling the Future 2019” organized by Manitou Group.
A student competition that asked Branding and CSR solutions from the students worldwide. In the final round, our solution was evaluated by the company leaders and was declared the winner.

2. Finalist of “Hashtag Marketing Version 3” organized by The Marketing Club of NSU.
In this competition, I got introduced to the digital marketing world for the first time. I and my teammates designed and implemented a Facebook campaign as a part of it.

3. Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist issued by Digital Marketer. 
Got to know about the world of social media marketing in detail. Moreover, I got to know about the concept of social selling and how to use social media marketing campaigns to achieve that.

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