mahjabin rashid lamisha: Team Spotlight

"I believe it gets easier with time, so, I just keep going."

my story

As an individual, most of the time I used to not feel very good about myself. It took me a long while to embrace who I am. That was the hardest part actually.   

The moment I embraced myself with my lackings and my mediocrity, I started my journey of developing myself. And then I got the chance to get out of my comfort zone and start working with these amazing beings. 

When I started working, I was inexperienced and didn’t know much about the things that I’m currently doing. The immense support and guidance shaped me in many aspects. Within this short course of time, I got opportunities to improve my skills. 

Most importantly, I learned that it’s not about how many things I’ve achieved today, it’s all about making sure I’m doing better than I was doing yesterday. This one lesson helped me a lot and will stay with me forever. 

So, my journey is all about getting better with every passing day. I might not be the most sincere one in my team but I ensure to get my job done as better as I can manage. 

And most importantly, I’m learning to embrace those days when I work less alongside my super productive days. Self-appreciation can really help you to grow and to thrive. So, never forget to pat yourself on the back even for the tiniest achievement- this is my motto for now.


1. Wrote articles for several newspapers including the Daily Observer, Bangladesh Post, Prothom Alo, etc. 

2. Assistant editor of ESC’s research report titled “Assessing the Fault Lines of Bangladesh’s Healthcare Sector: Implications for Future Policy Response”. 

3. Best Position Paper Award in LHIMUN

4. Champion in Language quiz in NTV

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