Md. Naimul Alam: Team Spotlight

"We are who we choose to be"

my story

I am the guy who loves to see movie quotes fit into different parts of life. Making sense of life is something I am not good at and so I don’t intend to do so. Waking up each day and looking at everything through a new lens, is what I intend to achieve for the rest of my days. 

Ignoring the philosophy, I am someone who is heavily interested in and motivated by arts, especially the moving ones. Films have been a large part of my life, passion, and personality. I like to learn about life by analyzing the perspective of someone else in a whole different situation than me. The idea of putting your ideas and thoughts through an art form is fascinating to me.

So, if you are into the same things, you will love me. But I am not just this one paragraph. If you are not into this stuff, that is still fine. I am the kind of person you can have an enjoyable conversation with over a cup of coffee.

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