Md. Sajib Ahmed: Team Spotlight

"I believe whatever happens I’m capable of finding the solution."

my story

Our life is full of stories. No matter whether they are bitter or sweet, every one of them has a great significance.

Most of us have already faced a significant twist and turn in our life. The most important story lies behind the turning point.

I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer. I started a part-time job in 2018 as a content writer. Since then I never stopped writing and time by the time I explored more. I experienced working with more clients and writers and slightly built a managerial career.

Right now I’ve been working as an Editing Project Manager at Rank Wizards. Here all my focus is to improve my team and the whole organization.

And finally, Rank Wizards is a Home for me. All my Co-workers have made my life better and we all together will make our home better and the best.

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