mesbahuddin sakib: Team Spotlight

"Sometimes I go out and just stand. Because at that moment, I’m really “outstanding”."

my story

When I was a child, it always made me wonder, “why do all the grown-ups always say that they’re busy?

Well, I guess I got my answer. When it comes to work, you would find me a serious and workaholic personality who likes to eat challenges for breakfast. Also, a man who loves to explore outside his comfort zone and finds peace in new learnings- whether it be a new formula or a new philosophy.

Let’s put aside all these heavy talks! In personal life, I’m rather a witty and jolly person who finds solace in the littlest of things. Football, movies, watching the rain and traveling are some of the things I love.

“Every man dies. But not every man lives”- these two lines have been my motivation for going through life.

It gets hard sometimes to manage time for myself when working and studying at the same time. Sometimes it feels like we’re too much busy running this rat race. But hey, having some fellow rats and taking a stroll once in a while doesn’t feel so bad!

If we are ever to meet, let’s talk about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty over a cup of coffee!

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