nafisa anjum bidhu: Team Spotlight

"Blending in optimism and reality, as I move on with life"

my story

The unconditional love you give to the world someday will come back to you in a huge amount that would surprise you”. I just kept believing in this thought and carried on being the person I am. 

No matter whether I am putting my thoughts to the write-up or honing up my skills, I put my beliefs and persona to it. 

After I got into Rank Wizards LLC, I felt like the universe is actually paying me back all the efforts and love that I offered. I got amazing colleagues and I didn’t even realize when it became my second family. 

Here not only I found a platform to sharpen my skills but also was available for new opportunities and challenges. I have witnessed my personal qualities turn into skill sets.

So, I am Nafisa, an undergrad student, doing my major in finance and marketing.  

Apart from the skills, learnings, and basic info, something that I enjoy is sitting on my balcony with a homemade cappuccino, listening to the rhythm of rain, and sketching. 

I love sketching places that connect to my emotions. And on a cold winter evening, I love to sit in a café, and have my regular coffee and blueberry cheesecake and start writing about life.

My passion for writing is what keeps me going.


1. Published writeup on The Daily Sun about “Things You Should Do After A Job Interview”

2. Certified by Google on Basic Google Analytics

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