Ulysses Arzon Roy: Team Spotlight

"Future is relative. It can be today, it can be tomorrow or it can be years later. All you have to do is face it and say “One day at a time."

my story

Working-class superhero. Yes, that’s what I consider myself, as these three words sum up my life, past and future.

From the early days of my childhood, I’ve been a DC fan. Thus I grew up watching so many superheroes. Even though they try to depict them as one of us but actually they are not.

They all are from different types of races, backgrounds and social classes. This struck me so I started considering myself like them but how to relate a superhero with the life that I live?

And that’s where I came up with the working class. With sheer hard work and maybe a little bit of brain, anyone can be a hero. Because for me a hero is a person that can change another person’s life. Obviously in a positive way otherwise this story would take a really dark turn.

So, yeah that’s the reason behind considering myself a superhero of the working class. I aspire to be a hard-working human with a constantly growing dream.

About that, constantly growing dreams means I never dream big. I follow this strict philosophy in my life. 

But it’s not like I don’t dream at all. I dream or set goals that are achievable. These goals are not that easy to accomplish yet not that hard that I’ll give up.

This is like a reward and accomplishment model that I run my life like.

And Yes, I’ve always been a fan of the WWE superstar John Cena and his tagline “NEVER GIVE UP”.

This makes me focused enough to make my small dreams a reality.

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