Turn Contents into Lead Magnets, Organically

If you’re in a B2B/B2C SaaS or Startup who’d like to attract quality inbound leads by practising thought leadership, we’ve got your back

Suite of Services

Up your content marketing game with our service suite, and hit no more platue with your SaaS growth curve

Organic Content Strategy for SaaS

A 12-month content calendar and guideline, derived from the best moves of your top successful competitors and industry trends

DFY Content Marketing

Don’t want to handle all these moving parts of organic contents? Let us take over your content marketing legworks, who’ve been doing it for 7+ years now

Fractional Head of Organic

Content marketing could always be better with a professional’s perspective. Let us take a look at what you’re doing, and find you those quick wins that you’re probably missing out

SME Writer Team Buildup

In house or marketplace writers are wearing your brand off? Get true subject matter experts write for your brand, 100% managed by us

Up Your Thought Leadership Game

Would like to make a difference in your prospects like? You gotta practice ‘advertorials’ instead of ads. 

With a well put out content marketing at place, you can help your prospects find you on search, get benefited from your info, and trade a loyal first impression with your brand. 

And that’s the way to go with marketing!


Stop Spending into What Doesn’t Sustain

Ads, Media Buying and Sponsorships- they’re all proven marketing moves. But if you’re only depended on that for every new lead for your SaaS, you’re risking sustainability. 

To make your SaaS more profitable with positive cashflow, content marketing and SEO is the way to go, given that it’s done right. 


Clients Love What They See

“Rank Wizards LLC is one of the unsung professionals of the content marketing world. The content planning and keyword research service here is better than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with and their sites all have one thing in common, success.”

Colby Wren

Head of Demand Generation, Ambient AI (YC W17)

“The content strategy we got at place from Rank Wizards, has turned SEO into our single biggest user acquisition channel. We’re seeing signups everyday, every hour from these contents. Now we’ve hired them for another SaaS product of ours.”

Arifur Rahman Naim

Co-founder and CEO, Crowdfundly and Joules Labs

Brands We’ve Grown

From startup to enterprise SaaS, we’ve worked with SaaS brands all over the world, across both B2B and B2C niches

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