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Content Websites as passive-earning digital assets

A young, aspiring startup focused on well-curated digital assets that tell meaningful stories.

100% Content-driven

The world of SEO is highly volatile, especially for content websites. 

But, we rather focus on curating highly value-packed content, with proper formatting and on-page SEO. And that’s it! No aggressive links, no PBN, no grey-hat moves.

We’ve seen the result(growth) to be slow, but more consistent than 80% of the content websites we know. 

Our Own formulae

We often are asked- what’s the product of yours that you take pride on?

In a nutshell, it’s a set of strategies we’ve developed regarding SEO, Content Strategy, Monetization, UX/UI optimization, and several other data-driven approaches. 

We’re still tweaking and fine-tuning these formulae and will be continued in future as well.

Cooking Class Instagram Story (2)

$22,000 Worth

Blog on Kitchen Niche

Age: 1.5 years
Content Published: 72
Marketing: SEO
Monetization: Affiliate Programs

Beige Home Decor Instagram Story

$15,500 Worth

Blog on Home Improvement

Age: 2 years
Content Published: 57
Marketing: SEO+Social
Monetization: Affiliate Program and Display Ads

Best Travel Facebook Post

$13,800 Worth

Blog on Survival Niche

Age: 1 years
Content Published: 54
Marketing: SEO
Monetization: Affiliate Programs and Display Ads

Home Decoration and Interior Design Website Link Instagram Post with a Living Room Fireplace Image

$7,500 Worth

Blog on HVAC Niche

Age: 1.5 years
Content Published: 12
Marketing: SEO
Monetization: Affiliate Program and Display Ad

Have a Look At Some of The

Assets We've Built

There are routes that anyone can take and make cash-cows out of digital assets. 

But we thought- why don’t we pave our own path?

Over 6 years, we’ve tweaked and fine-tuned our own method of developing content websites. They are 100% organically(SEO) grown, as fail-proof as it could be, and yields more return that what the industry-standard is.

That said, we’re still testing out different dimensions of SEO, Content Marketing, Monetization across our entire inventory. 

By Dec’21, we have 22 such assets and you’re welcome to check them out.

Also, we've helped 250+ clients worldwide to build Digital Assets

We are a bootsrapped startup, funding ourselves through client services. But the experience of helping our beloved clients turned out to be better than we thought. 

Have a look at what some of our clients have to say about us. We didn’t write these words ourselves, promise.

"Rank Wizards LLC is one of the unsung professionals of the Affiliate marketing world. The content planning and keyword research service here is better than almost anyone I’ve ever worked with and their sites all have one thing in common, success."
Colby Wren
Director, Global Sales Development, Delphix
"We have been working with Rank Wizards LLC for more than a year and I am super happy with the results. The communication is flawless. The services it provides are of the highest level, and the price is without any competition. I will continue to work with them in our next projects."
Andrey Dragonov
E-Commerce Manager, Temo Stores Ltd.
For about 1 year, I am a customer of Rank Wizards LLC. Our company is developing a large project with affiliated sites. The services I received were of the highest quality, from keyword research to content development. Our website experienced an increase in traffic and income. Thank you!
Alex Sandro Dantas
Founder, Norco Alarms

As recognitions of our work

We've been seen at

Truth be told, the industry we’re working at is not so mainstream yet. Thankfully to some of the mainstream medias, we’ve been able to shed some light on it in these features.

We're a team of 65, and counting

Starting as a solo venture, we’ve been able to nurture a team of 65+ young minds. Plus, we always have the door open for anybody interested to join the team.

We offer a 3-months long Internship program. Plus, we always have vacancies for people with specific requirements. 

Visit our career page to learn more about our recruitments.

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